The University programmes combine the enduring value of a liberal arts education with the skills and experience offered by professional departments. The University offers 6 courses on the campus in 15 Departments/institutes through a highly qualified faculty. The University also plays an important role in providing higher education to the youth of the State through its 10 affiliated colleges and institutes in seven district of Haryana..

1. Maulik Siddhant
2. Rachana Sharir
3. Kriya Sharir
4. Dravyaguna
5. Ras Shastra & Bhaisjai Kalpna
6. Rog Nidan
8. Agad Tantra
9. Prasuti Tantra
10. Kaumarbhritya
11. Kaya Chikitsa
12.Shalya Tantra
13. Shalkya Tantra
14. Panchkarma
15. Yoga