Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research

The major objective of Research and Innovation Department of SKAU is to be a multidisciplinary hub for A&USH drug discovery and development for the ailment of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Our aim is to promote a vibrant research culture in the university along with training of faculty, students and scientists in A&USH fields and facilitate world class research at the university. Our team is dedicated and working on preclinical and clinical research on A&USH classical formulations validation, biological screening of medicinal plants and drug discovery for the treatment of tuberculosis, bacterial and fungal infections, Life style disorders, viruses etc.

Completed research: Nil

Ongoing research:

1.      Development of new antiviral formulations against Dengue, SARS-Cov2.

2.      Development of Nadi Pariksha yantra.

3.      Development of web platform for Prakriti Analysis.

4.     Preclinical and clinical validation of classical ayurvedic formulation for the Diabetes.

5.     Validation and development of ayurvedic formulations for bone disorders.

6.     Development of image processing techniques for disease diagnosis on the basis of Ayurveda concepts.

7.    Development of anti-tuberculosis herbal formulation.


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